Jante Arrière Clean 19" 32T

Description and materials
- New version of the high quality Clean 19” front rim.
- Developed in Spain and currently used by UCI World Champion Abel Mustieles.
- This new version has a unique, lighter design that still manages to keep a high durability and ensure a great performance.
- Made from high quality 6061-T6 aluminium.
- 48mm wide design, which guarantees unmatchable stability on the back wheel, even at the lowest pressures.
- Super light single-walled design, with customized holes, saving a good few grams without compromising its strength.
- Large sidewalls (17mm) ensure more than enough room for the pad, offering a better braking performance and therefore being ideal for rim brakes.
- 32 holes orientated on the rim sides, great to use shorter spokes and ease the rim build, for an stronger and stiffer wheel.
- Available in anodized black or silver finish, with laser etched Clean logo
- 48mm wide
- Ø 374mm in internal diameter(ERD)
- 32 holes

- Available in anodized black, with laser etched Clean logo

- 390g

Additional information
Please, bear in mind this rim will only suit hubs with 32 holes.

30,00 €
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Superlight 19″ rear rim.

Made in high quality extruded 6061 T6 aluminium alloy, with large holes to save some weight without compromising its strenght.

Wide side area for a good adjustement and pad contact in case of use rim brakes.

48mm wide offers a perfect balance between weight and stability.

Due of the wide profile around the spoke holes, this rims offers the best brake performance in case you use rim brakes.

Parallel sidewalls to improve pads performance.




Available only in 32H

Available in black anodized finish

Inner diameter: 374mm

Weight: 390g